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The Famous Warrior

The Author

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. – J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings Letting the words come through my fingers, then through the pen and onto the paper sheet, a permanent scar on an otherwise blank surface – doesn’t that mirror the (other) way (around) we experience life? I have always been blessed (and sometimes cursed) with considerably realistic dreams and the capacity to remember them. Paired with an overactive imagination, I…

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Recent Posts

The Theft

I was with a few old school colleagues navigating the river by ourselves – floating with our bodies, without the help of any boat, swimming effortlessly and going with the flow as if the water were part of our nature. We didn’t have any cool clothes, so we were wearing animal costumes or were dressedContinue reading “The Theft”

The Diner

I was with a gang from high school in a theater. There were many seats. I was wearing a light beige woolen sweater. Basically all the people I had studied in high school were there, and also Marianne, my only friend and ally in the middle of all those people. As we were in aContinue reading “The Diner”

Olympic Caribbean

I was in a small island, which could be crossed on foot in terms of hours or half a day only. There were beaches I wanted to get to know, but my wandering was near its end, for the afternoon advanced and I didn’t know the place well enough to feel safe in it afterContinue reading “Olympic Caribbean”

Unknown Country

I was in an unknown country. There were long avenues full of extremely refined buildings and houses; the streets were larger than life, with carefully planned flowerbeds and gardens. The houses were huge, enormous mansions in modern style –  they had straight and geometric architectural traces –  though there were no architectural, geographic or historicalContinue reading “Unknown Country”

The Brown Bag

I was in Japan with my mother. We visited beaches with strange mechanisms – in an area that shrank itself like a funnel, there was a sort of metal net in the shape of an arch – this arch had two extremities made of sieved metal, and it filtered water and sediments at the beach,Continue reading “The Brown Bag”

Makeup Hunting

I was participating of a competition among women to try and catch the attention of men and get a boyfriend. We went all to a beautiful house, or giant hotel. We were in pairs and there was only one small bathroom, like an airplane’s, to each pair. The objective was to organize makeup in suchContinue reading “Makeup Hunting”

The Accident

I was in the USA and I worked at a University like Ashland University in Ohio, in a sector which joined health and security services. I couldn’t understand very well how it all happened, but there had been a very serious accident with my German boyfriend Lennart. A kind of natural disaster had happened atContinue reading “The Accident”

Botched Chocolates

I made a trip to the interior of the state to visit my friend Marianne in C. Along the way I stopped by many cities before getting there. I don’t know how, but I lost half my baggage: my beloved blue suitcase; I stopped in such an isolated and deserted village that I couldn’t  findContinue reading “Botched Chocolates”

Mean Girls

There was a house, and in it were many of my acquaintances. They were making a sort of festive reunion. There was alcohol and games, and the rooms and other areas of the house were large and dark, giving a sensation of loss of direction and vulnerability to me, but offering great opportunities to anyContinue reading “Mean Girls”

Satanic Rites

I went to a rock festival with my ex-boyfriend Phillip. The festival was in an enormous area separated from the rest of the city by a great river or lake near the ocean – the only way to access the festival site was by taking a huge turn with the car or, more quickly, takingContinue reading “Satanic Rites”

A Glitch in Time

In another space and time, I was travelling with my friend Helen. It was an artistic trip of police investigation – I was an assistant and helper and Helen was the detective. She had infiltrated, undercover, in several criminal organizations along History with the use of a time machine. She was in dire straits, andContinue reading “A Glitch in Time”

The Embrace

I was at work and I had a relationship with a superior – he was actually the company’s owner. While at work, however, our treatment of each other was strictly professional, and I knew that I owed my position in the company to my own professional merits and not to any personal preference from theContinue reading “The Embrace”

True Love

I was in B. preparing myself for moving – it wasn’t a big move, since all my stuff fit into a small car. This car was being ridden not by me, but by my boyfriend, Ryan. I was very anxious and worrying myself with many things in this moving situation, the most important one wasContinue reading “True Love”

Vampire City

In a city full of modern buildings, a clan of vampires hid themselves living in abandoned manors and tenements. In one of these peripheries, a kind of industrial leakage of toxic components threatened people’s lives. Downtown, in a big building, full of hallways, stairways and passages, I was trying to find my running shoes. SomebodyContinue reading “Vampire City”

The Tenement

I was on vacation in a beautiful place – there were beaches and an enormous, giant bridge. The city was basically just a port city, but it wasn’t only cranes and containers. There was also a spectacular sunset and a welcoming, warm people. It was summer in the city, but there were also snowcapped mountainsContinue reading “The Tenement”

The Other Woman

In a dystopic alternate reality, I was still in love and together with my ex-boyfriend Paul. There was an authoritarian government that imposed gruesome punishments for things as simple as kissing or holding hands in public, and I wanted to run away with him to somewhere else, hide or somehow try to live without fearContinue reading “The Other Woman”


I was in my old home in B. It was the same house, but now other people also lived there, people from an extremely arrogant family. The back garden was full of plants and trees and even animals, and I found two or three kittens. One of them was bigger and had grey stripes. TheContinue reading “Mafia”

Bohemian Rhapsody

There was a new law in the whole wide world – almost no place was free of it, only the most isolated ones – and these were also the hardest places to live in. Every year, there would be a day in which people could die suddenly by just stepping out the the house onContinue reading “Bohemian Rhapsody”

A Blue Planet

The picture was of an alternative reality with a mix of 16th century sailing, steampunk attire, future technology and post-apocalyptic problems. The world had come last in the rat race: due to a great natural (and a bit artificial) catastrophe, the planet’s topography has been completely remade – instead of a blue planet with outcroppingContinue reading “A Blue Planet”

The Caged Princess

I met a handsome, smart young man when I was travelling across the Netherlands. I was in a weird mix of library and office, which could easily belong to either aristocracy, wall-street brokers or a boring old law-firm. It was a single large and long room; the ceiling was a bit low, considering how bigContinue reading “The Caged Princess”

Blood Eagle

Have you ever felt like you were the Devil himself? A cruel, ruthless, impulsive monster, someone who, when attacked, threatened or just mildly irritated never curbs their own wickedness, but instead acts on it? And after acting out of hate, do you feel satisfied or ashamed? Do you find approval within, or do you repent?Continue reading “Blood Eagle”

The Enemy

Today I dreamed that I was being raped by the Devil. It had the form of a muscular male with shiny red skin, and the scariest thing about him wasn’t the fact he was physically strong, or that he had pointy fangs like a vampire, or even the big sharp horns on his head. IContinue reading “The Enemy”

The Mutagel

Matthew Ryan was a materials engineer turned security specialist who worked for the CIA. He had a daughter, Lisa, a five year-old who could read and write better than many teens, and whom he loved more than anything in the world. Her mother was Matthew’s ex-wife, a brilliant scientist. Carol was also a woman ofContinue reading “The Mutagel”

Red Pool

I was watching a TV show at my oma’s house. In the living room, there was a small bed, a comfy couch and the TV: snug and cozy, this was my little den, my nest, my burrow. The show was a police drama about a serial killer who wore a mask – a dirty greyContinue reading “Red Pool”

A Journey of the Soul

I traveled on foot through in an exotic land. It was a place where tall sea cliffs and orange sand dunes merged seamlessly, and with every day that I walked, subtle changes in the landscape afforded new perspectives of unbelievable beauty. Every sunrise and sunset was worthy of a painting: sand, rock, sea, and skyContinue reading “A Journey of the Soul”

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