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A Glitch in Time

In another space and time, I was travelling with my friend Helen. It was an artistic trip of police investigation – I was an assistant and helper and Helen was the detective. She had infiltrated, undercover, in several criminal organizations along History with the use of a time machine. She was in dire straits, and I didn’t know how I knew this – I only knew I had to infiltrate myself in the same organization in order to save her.

Things got more complicated when I noticed that, with each level of infiltration that Helen reached in an organization, more did she personally involve herself with the criminals. The trip back in time went back even to the Viking Age, and every 100 or 150 years Ellen had a new visit to make to the past, so that she could, at that moment, solve some mystery. Finally, in this great voyage that took about 1000 years, we arrived at the last stage. It was the 30s in an area of the USA completely dominated by Al Capone’s criminal organization. Helen, dedicated to her work, had approached the criminals and involved herself in her undercover life to such a point that she actually ended up pregnant by one of them. The problem was that it was a high risk pregnancy, and she was desperately trying to come back to the future, so that she could have access to modern technology to save her life and the baby’s – but she couldn’t. The time machine didn’t work anymore. So, I was sent to try to solve the problem.

There was a university and I disguised myself as one of the students. There were, however, many artists there producing psychedelic paintings and drawings, and I couldn’t do the same drawings as they could, even though we were taking the same art course, so they almost discovered my real identity. A group of women from the artists group approached me and tried to seduce me and drug me, but I resisted, and I found out Helen was locked up in a hospital wing under the command of the mafia criminals. They had discovered that she was a detective out to get them, but they didn’t want to kill her yet – they were waiting for her to die naturally in childbirth, which would solve all their problems. Helen was wearing one of those blue tunics sick people wear in hospitals, and the nurses were also wearing blue. They were good nurses, but they didn’t know how to help her. There were no doctors in sight. I went to her, crying and desperate – we were both very distressed with the situation. She gave me a CD that contained the key of the mystery of how to return to the future. Helen had no means of accessing that CD at the moment, for we were in the 1930s, but she trusted that I would be able to do something. I was her only hope of getting the time machine fixed, bringing her back to the future and saving her life.

I went to Helen’s real life boyfriend’s house and there I found the necessary equipment. I put on the CD and started to listen. With that, the artist students who had found out I was a fraud caught me and prevented me from fulfilling my mission.

Published by The Famous Warrior

one who dreams

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