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Botched Chocolates

I made a trip to the interior of the state to visit my friend Marianne in C. Along the way I stopped by many cities before getting there. I don’t know how, but I lost half my baggage: my beloved blue suitcase; I stopped in such an isolated and deserted village that I couldn’t  find anyone to ask for help. The bus would only pass there again on the following day, so I went out to explore the place. It had an arid, monotonous natural landscape and I was stricken by a desperate boredom. I finally got out of there and reached the place where Marianne was. But on the way I lost more of my baggage so that now I had almost nothing. There was a sort of convention in the city that was causing chaos. I needed to participate in this convention, because there was going to be an auction of home-made chocolates and I had still many with me; selling them was the only way to recover my fortune and claim my baggage. But there was a pre-selection of the participants of the auction, and I had not qualified: all candidates should have experience in retail sales, and I had none. There were still two days until the auction, so someone suggested to me that I worked at the city’s shopping mall to get the necessary experience.

Marianne herself tried to convince me, but I wanted to walk around and meet people at the convention. There were many women who worked in the healthcare industry, by the way they were dressed. Each group had a different uniform and there were very few men. Among them, were my arch enemies Victor and Voldemort – the devil himself. He managed to defraud the auction so that I couldn’t sell my chocolates. There was a kind of public ritual and I fought alone, with no help from either Marianne or my own mother. Finally I managed to sell my chocolates, for they were exceptional and I would earn a lot of money with them, but with the joint efforts from Victor, Voldemort and even my own mother, they managed to trick me and with false documents they took all my money.

In the worst moment of my life, I was without my luggage, no friends, rejected even by my own mother and without money to eat. And my chocolates had disappeared, and I had no materials to produce more. I found some people who were also travelling and had lost their suitcases – they were my last comfort. These strangers were together and put me under their wings. With all that had happened I was still fighting and surviving, but that could not go on: Victor and Voldemort were determined to destroy me completely, and sabotaged the vehicle I was going to ride in to cause an “accident”. Even more, they legally restricted the kind of assistance I could get in case of an accident, claiming I was so poor that I wouldn’t have the means to pay for any treatment and it would be better if the doctors just left me for dead. They managed to even manipulate my mother so that, when she visited me in the dingy and dirty hospital room I was in, declared herself bothered by the fact that I had survived and complained about the fact that the responsibility to pay for my medical treatment had ended up on her shoulders

When healed, I finally left that horrible place. But back to the city, I still couldn’t find my luggage. I had to find and force the bus driver to stop the bus and open the luggage compartment so that I could look for my blue suitcase. It wasn’t there, but I wouldn’t give up so fast: I kidnapped the bus and put a gun to bus driver’s head to make him look again for my luggage. Finally someone found a blue suitcase, but it was different from the one I had lost and was looking for. So I gave up, left the city, and went to live on the beach without material attachments.

Published by The Famous Warrior

one who dreams

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