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I was in my old home in B. It was the same house, but now other people also lived there, people from an extremely arrogant family. The back garden was full of plants and trees and even animals, and I found two or three kittens. One of them was bigger and had grey stripes. The others were small and black. My mother still lived there in the house, but she had no power or influence over the authoritarian family that now lived there and seemed to rule over us all. It was a matter of money and work, and since I had none at the moment, I was allowed to live in my own house as a favor. To make things even worse, the family’s matriarch (obviously not my mother) was very controlling and considered everything I did wrong or bad – all my actions were watched, analyzed, weighted and criticized, from the time I went to sleep and woke up, the time I ate, went to the bathroom, and even the way I took care of my cats.

I put up with all that stoically until the damn old woman told me to hide or get rid of my cats. Of course I would never let them go or kill them, but I couldn’t keep them in the house normally anymore. The big grey tabby, then, stayed in the streets and I left him food every day, though I was very afraid something bad would happen as he wasn’t neutered. The two small black ones I started to keep in secret inside of boxes and drawers. Whenever that damn witch was around I had to close the boxes and drawers, leaving them alone in the dark, and that broke my heart.

Little by little, that authoritarian family became richer and more powerful and moved out to a large property in the country. I went with them and took my cats with me, and they had a good life prowling around the ranch. I started to work at commercial operations in the family business, and through a good and trustworthy work performance I was able to acquire honor and prestige inside the organization. That was how I discovered the creepy and horrible details about the origin of the fortune that supported us: illegal activities like drug trafficking, arms dealing, prostitution and even child exploitation. Several companies, malls, and other buildings like hospitals and universities had been created to facilitate the money laundering from these evil and illegal operations.

Such was the involvement of the family business in the local economy and politics, that police investigations would rarely follow through due to lack of witnesses and evidence – people’s fear was bigger than their will to do good. But of course that I, frightened though I was, would not let that hellish family dominate me. My deep hate for all of them, but especially the bosses – the mother and the father – the infernal couple who oppressed and humiliated me so much inside my own home and who offended and mistreated my animals – made me want to make sure they were going to pay for these offenses, and I would be the one to execute justice.

Through my growing power and influence over the family mafia, I was able to collect evidence that, taken to the police, would imprison the organization’s bosses for a couple of hundreds of years. Among the crimes of “my” family were torture, murder, kidnapping, assault, rape, sexual abuse of minors, not to mention white collar crimes like fraud, money laundering, racketeering, conspiracy, drug trafficking, among many others. Loaded with documents, recordings and other legally allowed forms of record keeping, I filed a report to the authorities. The powerful couple was indicted and arrested and I didn’t feel the need to enter witness protection as a way to prevent attacks from the other members of the family who would want to hurt the informer. I was extremely careful so that I was not a target of suspicion, taking care to delete every piece of evidence that connected me to that case.

But of course, things were not going to end so easily: the powerful couple was in jail, but they were remotely managing the search for the mole with the help of corrupt cops and ruffians who were able to avoid being legally implicated in the gang’s criminal actions just by living completely off-the-grid. Thus, a hunt for the person who had betrayed them began from jail. The betrayer would be made an example of: he would be in such a way hunted, brutalized, violated, tortured, and killed, and his lifeless body would be in such a way desecrated, humiliated, defiled and divided, that not even his own mother, nor the coroner would be able to recognize or identify him.

I was perfectly conscious of what I was doing and I knew that if I were found out, it would be better to kill myself quickly and painlessly, because if captured alive, I would suffer so much pain that my spirit would never rest. I had knowledge about one of the last projects developed by the satanic couple and it was a medical laboratory full of material and human resources, and among them, was a doctor who specialized in keeping alive “patients” in extreme pain and agony through the use of stimulant drugs, which however had no painkilling effect. Another such project was an innovative technique that allowed the brief resuscitation of an individual already dead to interrogate him under torture, and so prevent the so-called famous suicidal strategy of enemies that preferred to die before being used as a source of information to the gang.

Though I had in hand a means to kill myself quickly and without pain, I decided to fight: I knew that if I were captured already dead, they would brutalize and defile my body and would try – probably successfully – to revive me so that, totally controlled and dominated, they could try to extract information from me while causing me unendurable pain. But I preferred to do things the old school way: if I was to be captured, I would be captured alive, then tortured and killed. I was ready for this dreadful possibility.

Many times I was almost caught. I walked around town wearing a disguise, but due to the immense presence of buildings and enterprises owned by the family, it was almost impossible to escape from my enemies: hospitals, train stations, elevators inside buildings and even bathrooms, all these places could at a moment’s notice reveal a secret that would completely end my chances of survival.

Finally, I was caught. There were secret compartments behind the walls of elevators, bathrooms and even staircases in the city. Under one of these layers, the cronies from the organization managed to hide themselves and caught me off guard. I was taken to the shed in the same ranch where I had been living for so long. I waited a lot, for my captors needed to first receive their orders. Firstly they didn’t do anything to me. On a certain night, still in the beginning of my capture, I noticed a convoy arriving noisily at the shed: they had caught another informant and believed that he was the responsible one for the dismantling of their criminal empire. I could never have imagined that other people were also fighting and resisting the pressure, contributing to the moral cleansing of the town. But in reality this man had little knowledge about the commercial transactions of the family. This became evident when, after tortured and killed, they decided to use the man as rat lab for the posthumous interrogation and torture. His mutilated body was put in a morgue tray and revived through electroshocks and injections. Though conscious and sensitive to the pain, he couldn’t scream for help nor run away – his members were tied by thick ropes to the metal table. After unnamable tortures, he hadn’t revealed anything very interesting. However, through this, the cronies realized that the responsible for the betrayal was someone much closer to the top of the family, and the only option left was me. And then they started to torture me. They cut and cauterized the tips of my fingers and toes. I didn’t give in. I endured it with strength all the pain and they got nothing out of me except for cursing.

Meanwhile, the boss woman from the couple was released by the police. I managed to escape temporarily and planned a terrorist attack against her. The idea was to kill her in an explosion as she went to the family’s town deposit. There were long corridors and no windows in the deposit as it was actually underground. I removed the central electricity control so that she would stay in the dark. With all the lights out and wearing a pair of special glasses, I killed all her bodyguards with stealth. The old bitch wet herself with fear, and I laughed.

Published by The Famous Warrior

one who dreams

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