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Makeup Hunting

I was participating of a competition among women to try and catch the attention of men and get a boyfriend. We went all to a beautiful house, or giant hotel. We were in pairs and there was only one small bathroom, like an airplane’s, to each pair. The objective was to organize makeup in such a way that we could identify the woman through her makeup products and clothes. Of course, I lost all my makeup and had to borrow it from the other women, but they didn’t want to give it to me, because they wanted themselves to be more beautiful than me, so of course they wanted me to stay without any makeup. My roommate didn’t help me either, but I found many products around the bathrooms I was invading and I used the colors that I found. An Asian woman helped me and gave me a blush case that was like a small sticker for nails in the shape of a heart.

We went to a large sward and there many handsome men went to try to find the right woman and the corresponding makeup: the products were strewn around the land and they had to correctly identify which woman had used which product. The women could help, but they didn’t know where their makeup products were – it was like an Easter egg hunt. I was completely at a loss and was dressed in a way that resembled the actress Rachel McAdams in the movie “The Notebook”. There was a very attractive man looking at me, but we didn’t talk, and the game ended.

I went back to the hotel and as I couldn’t find any proper women’s clothes or makeup, I went to a road on the top of a hill. The road was tarmac but the surroundings were dry and wild, with stores on the side of the road. In one of them there were clothes and makeup, but the store was so big that I couldn’t find the correct part: I could only find the men’s clothing section or women’s clothes that were too ugly to wear. I went back to the competition sward and called my mother. She knew the rules of the competition and what would happen next, and she told me to go straight to her hotel.

There I found a multitude of people participating of the competition/convention – it was like a convention in the sense that it exhibited ways to make women more attractive to men, and I stated to get irritated with all that. There were bikinis and one-pieces from Gigi Hadid’s brand and they costed around 200 dollars each, and of course I didn’t have that kind of money to spend on a swimsuit. I saw a woman wearing a sports sweater that looked comfortable – she wasn’t wearing any makeup and her hair was undone, natural-like, so I thought: I will follow her example. I then passed by two very attractive men talking confidentially, but still loud enough for me to hear. One of them was talking about having “fucked” such and such woman and that she was an idiot; the other man agreed and mocked women’s stupidity of thinking that men actually cared about them for anything other than sex. My mind was then decided: I needed to get out of that place. I entered an enormous room that looked like a temple in a hospital, with a sickly peach light. There were many middle-aged women there and a little stage. I went to the stage and started singing. The famous singer Cher was there and made an ugly expression because of my poor singing abilities, and I decided staying there was also not for me. But then Cher stood up and started singing the song “Ain’t Nobody” from Chaka Khan, and I remained there singing and dancing along with all the other weird women.

Published by The Famous Warrior

one who dreams

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