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Vampire City

In a city full of modern buildings, a clan of vampires hid themselves living in abandoned manors and tenements. In one of these peripheries, a kind of industrial leakage of toxic components threatened people’s lives. Downtown, in a big building, full of hallways, stairways and passages, I was trying to find my running shoes. Somebody had messed with my shoes and that made me desperate. I finally realized the place was a kind of hospital, for there were many people wearing white and people in stretchers, and there were others running and screaming. Some virus was attacking the population and transforming people in aggressive and dangerous zombies.

From there, I went straight to my family to let them know what was going on. The toxic leakage had reached the town’s central park, and as there was a bog there, it contaminated the water from the whole place. So now the danger was not the zombies anymore, but the end of natural resources: the toxic substance contaminated the water, the earth, plants and animals, and due to their modern lifestyle, cloistered in high-rises and apartment buildings, the people had no way to save themselves. According to the government, the solution was for every family to have their own house and land – using natural methods, the soil would be recovered from the contamination and people could plant their own food and keep animals, and environmental balance would be reestablished.

But of course, not everyone had the conditions to do it. I went after Batman at Wayne Tower, in a room full of gadgets and secret functionalities, and I waited for Bruce Wayne to appear, for only he could help the people in need. He was, however, participating in an event with the mayor. I went after him to that event, but not before sneaking around a bit trying to find the secrets of that technological waiting room. I noticed something strange I couldn’t define, a threat hovering in the air; I was sure something terrible was about to happen. When I arrived at the square where Bruce, the mayor, the police chief, and thousands of other innocent people gathered, there was a big explosion at Wayne Tower; several other small ones in different places followed the big one, and chaos reigned.

I was severely hurt and my vampire friends took me to their hiding place, a huge and ancient country house with boarded-up windows near the woods. The vampires bit me to transform me and I felt an excruciating pain – for three days I remained hidden in the house, away from sunlight and the presence of humans. The pain got weaker and Carlisle from Twilight said that by keeping the house dark and cool, my passage into vampire immortality would be less painful: it was easier to become one of them in the shadows.

When the transformation process was over, I initiated my training. The air became heavy as water, because now I could feel it, really feel it and manipulate it, move it with my hands and feet, in a way that to the least effort I could produce an impulse in the air. I felt light as if I were floating in the ocean; I could jump with such lightness that I even hovered. But unlike water, the air was also so light for me that I could leap from one end of the room and land quickly and weightlessly in the other end of the room. I learned to fly, and now that my training was completed, I was ready to go after the terrorist thugs that had planted those bombs all around my city.

Published by The Famous Warrior

one who dreams

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